Applied Vision Systems has been supplying the Pulp and Paper industry with easy to use image analysis

Instrumentation for over 30 years.


Applied Vision Systems can offer sample testing and/or instrumentation for the following :


Surface Appearance including :


Embossing Visual Impact

Surface Mottle ( White Top Liner Board -WestRock )

Pits in poly coated board

Print mottle ( Solid Print Uniformity )

Print Sharpness ( bleed )


Formation (Transmitted illumination)

Dirt count


WestRock relies on  AVS MSU ( Micro Surface Uniformity ) testers to measure the coating on White Top Liner Board. The cost savings on coating is substantial.


Relying on human vision to detect quality defects is highly prone to variability among different observers, Non-Repeatability and eye fatigue. A calibrated imaging system eliminates these shortcomings and provides a repeatable and precise visual assessment of paper and board quality... at an affordable price.


Do you have a unique, visually assessed quality test that suffers from subjective variation due to different observers?

 Looking for more precision in a visually judged test?

AVS may be able to help.


Single sample testing, which includes the sample image, screen shot of the test and a  Excel

report typically is $40 per sample test.

A subsequent tests of different type(s) are $35 each.


AVS can optically analyze 10 samples of paper or board withing 48 hours for $750.


AVS can design custom equipment with specific software and hardware setups to accomplish any kind of image analysis.

If you can “see” what you need to quantify, even with magnification ( microscope ), AVS can build an instrument to do it with more precision and repeatability than the human observer.  

The obvious advantages of instrumentation are consistent reliable test results, independent of subjective human observer variation.

Typically visual assessment is prone to a 25-30% error.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have regarding your special needs.